Radiobus: a taxi which costs like a public bus

Radiobus it's a service offered by Milan's transportation company, ATM, which is something between a taxi service and a public bus.
Radiobus works only from 08.00 p.m. to 02.00 a.m., and it was created to fulfill two main tasks: allow a cheaper way of flexible moving, contrasting Milan's taxis crazy prices; offer a secure trasportation, almost "door to door", during late hours, especially for youngers after a night out.
A tight net of radiobus stops covers almost all the city, so, wherever You are, You'll need only a short walk to reach one. The service is "on demand": you must make a reservation, by phone, mail or sms message. Ticket prices are a bit higher that those for normal buses, but ridicolously affordable if compared to Milan's cabmans mad tariffs. And with its 16 seats Radiobus it's the perfect solution for a big friends company!
Reservations: call 02 48034803; sms to 335 7872571 (writing date, hour, route, passengers number); fill in online reservation form.
Costs: 1,5 €uros supplement to urban ticket, or 3,00 €uros single fare


Atmosphere: a nice tuesday night in Milan!

Atmosphere is a small comfortable pub in a central area of Milan. Mainly attended by students, this pub is known for its delirious tuesday nights.
Every tuesday shot drinks for 1 €uro each!
Usually you can drink the classical "chupito" (1 rum shot + 1 pear juice shot), but after some of that you can try to persuade the owner for trying to have something custom.
But Atmosphere pub is good all week long, not just tuesday:
MONDAY: 3 € beer + DJ SET
TUESDAY: chupito 1 € + DJ SET
WEDNESDAY: cocktails 5 € + DJ SET JEZZA
THURSDAY: cuba libre 3 € + DJ SET TAMBOR
FRIDAY: 3 X 2 on every cocktail + DJ SET JEZZA
SATURDAY: students night, cocktails 6 € + DJ SET FRANGIPANE
SUNDAY: bottle of italian wine, cheese and cold cuts 15 € + DJ SET + live events
Free entry every evening. Every day "Happy Hour" from 6pm to 9,30pm.
Bring your friends with you, FUN GUARANTEED!
How to get there: underground line 2, Piola stop.
Atmosphere Pub
Via Sidoli 24 - Milan


Bus sightseeing in Milan

One of Milan’s big advantages, it’s the compactness of its downtown: you can visit all the main attractions just in a half-day walking tour. Beside this, taking example from the famous London double decker sighstening trips, a couple of companies are now providing bus tours in Milan city centre.
Duomo square, La Scala theatre, Sforzesco Castle, old Sant’Amborgio Basilica and Leonardo’s Last Supper fresco – are the usual stops of this 2 hours long tour. Well, the same distances could be easily covered by foot in the same time, and taking in account traffic conditions in Milan’s center, you’ll probably spend most of your time in the bus waiting at traffic lights.
Considering that adults tickets for this “experience” start from 20€ / person, we suggest you to enjoy a walking tour, and invest the saved cash in a couple of refreshing granite (melted ice with cyrup – priceless in summer days) while resting yourself in a bar, between one attraction and another.
Milan Bus Sightseeing
Piazza Castello, 1 - Milan
Tickets sold on board or in hotels.
Tel: +39 02 867131


Bed and Breakfast "Il Girasole": relax in Milan

Milan is a busy, traffic congestioned city, but also here you can find a place where you can rest and take your time among your affairs. This place is called "Il Girasole" (the sunflower) B&B.

Located in via Doberdò, 19 in Milan, near Sesto San Giovanni, along the important Viale Monza, this welcoming bed and breakfast offers to its guests all the comforts of a "Grand Hotel" at really low rates.
The structure is studied to emphasize social-cultural exchanges among guests and travellers, with beautiful common spaces and a familiar management.
How to get there: underground line 1, Villa San Giovanni stop.

Rates: different rates depending on the Residence or B&B formula, to get more details send an e-mail to info@bbilgirasole.it.
B&B “il Girasole” - via Doberdò 19, Milan
Tel. Reception: +39 02 27080738
Website: http://www.bbilgirasole.it
E-Mail: info@bbilgirasole.it


Italian homemade food in Milan

The place we're gonna describe in this post is one of those you'll never find in any travel guide. It's almost a secret, approachable only by some selected adepts!
The "Trattoria Albero Fiorito" (bloomed tree) is a very small family-managed eating house, a hybrid between a country snack-bar and a restaurant, where you can eat genuine italian food for the lowest price in Milan.

Lasagne alla bolognese, spaghetti al pomodoro, italian cheese, and many other delicious courses, drinking a beautiful italian wine from Friuli (a famous italian wine district). And while you are drinking your italian coffee (espresso, obviously...) you'll be smiling at the bill: a complete supper costs about 11 €uros wine included!

But don't think to be in a restaurant! To order your meal you have to find paper and pen (not so easy!) and write your choises among the courses of the day, then ask for someone who can catch your paper... ah, you'll share your table with other people and we're sure you'll find interesting new friends!

"The earlier you get there, the most chance you have to sit down and eat". You can't miss it!
How to get there: underground line 2, Piola stop.

Trattoria Albero Fiorito
Via Pellizzone, 14 - Milan
Tel: +39 02 70123425